2BE / E series water ring vacuum pumps and compressors are high efficient and energy saving products based on our years of research and experience, and combination with international advanced technology. They are usually used to pump the gas without solid particles , undissolved, and non-corrosive to create vacuum and pressure in closed container. By changing the wet parts material, they are also used to pump corrosive gas or use corrosive liquid as working liquid. They are widely used in industries of paper making, chemical, petrochemical, light industry, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy, construction, coal mining, fertilizer, ore dressing, light industry etc.

2BE / E series pump model is expressed in the combination of 8 letters and digits as follows:


2BE: single stage water ring vacuum pump

2BE1: pump with high vacuum degree

2BE3: pump with low vacuum degree

2BE / E, 2BE3 series vacuum pumps are different with 2BE1 series in the follows ways :

Large capacity and lower vacuum, suitable for large capacity process like coal mine gas discharge and chemical others plant pressure swing adsorption. The top pins ensure the radial clearance between the impeller and pump. An extra pair of air inlet and outlet ports are designed at two sides of pump cover except on the top, this is optional, and if customer prefer top inlet and outlet, the two ports on side will be sealed by blank caps to prevent gas escape. 2BE3 series pumps is bigger, with larger capacity and power consumption, so it’s motor is usually high voltage motor, and driving method is recommended to be gear box; belt driving is possible for pump below 50/52, while pump above 60 shall adopt gear box. An additional eccentric clapboard is designed inside 2BE3 pump to separate the casing into two chamber together with impeller middle plates; the simultaneous opening of both side and top gas inlets and outlets will enable the pump to satisfy the process which need two different pressure points, such as paper making process.