Main Characteristics:

HABERG® LRVPs are adaptable to most duties, with appropriate selection of materials & service liquid

Oil-Free operation

Applied to almost all gases and vapours

Gases being pumped can be saturated with vapour

Small quantities of entrained liquid can be handled

Compression of gases and vapours being pumped is nearly isothermal

Reliable operation with minimum maintenance

Low noise and vibration levels

Standard Execution

The HABERG liquid ring vacuum pumps (LRVP) are of the double-stage displacement type. The only movable parts are the shaft and the vane wheel impellers. They do not touch the stationary pump parts. Both shaft ends run in antifriction bearings. For sealing, mechanical seals are applied.


Using water with a temperature of 15 °C as service liquid and a pressure of 1013 mbar at the discharge branch, the lowest suction pressure achievable is 33 mbar. With other service liquid, such as oil, which has a low and stable vapour pressure, deeper vacuum of 25 mbar (abs) may be achieved.